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Shanxi environmental protection storm eliminated 237 polluting enterprises calcium carbide furnace


Recently, news from the Shanxi Provincial Government stated that in order to protect the Olympic air quality, it decided to increase the elimination of environmental pollution at the end, and announced to the public the “Notice of the second batch of companies and facilities that have eliminated the last batch of environmental pollution in 2008”. The notification required that within the prescribed time, Shanxi should eliminate 237 polluting enterprises in the last place, which is nearly three times the number of companies that first announced it. It is reported that the eliminated equipment mainly includes blast furnaces, coke ovens, and calcium carbide furnaces.
The relevant person in charge of the Shanxi Provincial Environmental Protection Bureau stated that “In addition to restricting production and production suspension for some enterprises in Shanxi, the implementation of the last phase-out of enterprises is another important measure to ensure the air quality of the Olympic Games this year. This time, nearly half of the polluting enterprises must be eliminated. Closed during the Olympics."
According to the report, 237 enterprises involved in the second phase of the second phase of environmental pollution in Shanxi Province in 2007 were eliminated, of which 36 enterprises were shut down and all facilities were dismantled; 200 enterprises were used for 200 enterprises. Thirty-seven facilities will be phased out. Enterprises that have closed down as a whole are required to revoke their certificates, dismantle equipment that generates pollution, and provide water supply facilities for production systems to restore topography and landforms; for enterprises that only eliminate pollution facilities and do not implement overall closure, they must complete facilities that are included in the list of the last list of environmental pollution. tear down.
According to the notification requirements, the county (city, district) government will adopt mandatory measures for the enterprises and facilities that have not been phased out after the last phase-out. The expenses incurred will be borne by the relevant companies.
The Shanxi Environmental Protection Bureau will supervise and inspect the implementation of each municipality. They will not be able to complete the phase-out task of environmental pollution as scheduled, free to close down the elimination criteria, and not to implement water blackouts, revoke certificates, falsify, shield, and indulge in illegal activities. And individuals, will be held accountable according to law.
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